Recruitment Services

    We are one of the fastest growing HR Firms with focus on manpower recruitment services to our clients

    Our Endeavour is to provide simple, strong, fast, dynamic and responsive experience to our valued customers in their quest for searching the best man-power available.

    Our well trained staff combines speed and experience to find the best people talent, in the most demanding position skill areas too. Placement Consultant with its own fresh database of candidates for our client.

    Medical and non Medical (Administrative applicant) Multiple screening prior to final interviewing of candidates, increasing the probability of success.

    Our Vision

    We get the right candidate, Providing the right Expertise to the Right Client at the Right time.

    Our Mission

    To assist the matching of top notch candidates with distinguished clients by providing effective and efficient screening.

    Our Values

    Integrity: We stand behind our word and our placements. Our references vouch for us .

    Individual Focus: We listen and than we act .

    Confidentiality: This is part of the bedrock of our service, and we guarantee it to all with whom we work. Withoutit,we would not be in business.

    Communication: It is vital in making our responses and activities - to your activities - appropriate, effective, and timely. Good Faith and Fair Dealing: We seek to conduct ourselves with something more than a handshake, but something less than a voluminous, boilerplate contract. We want our relationships with candidates and clients to be long-term and mutually beneficial.

    Find Talented Staff Here

    With our team members working with you side by side and thousands of capable candidates registered with us, the solution to your recruitment problems is only one call.

    Our specialty comes from our clients and we invite you to check the below list to see what sectors we covered so far:

  • Administration
  • Human Resources and Recruitment
  • Customer Service
  • IT and Telecommunication
  • Engineering (Oil and Gas)
  • Medical
  • Financial
  • Retail and Consumer Products
  • Graduate and Entry Level
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Hospitality and Tourism
  • Senior Management and CEO’s
  • Our Team Members are Highly Committed to Deliver the Best Results to our Clients

Admin Recruitment

Mahasolutions Promote the Position through job portals and head hunting process in global network.

Mahasolutions conduct in depth interview to match you to your ideal employer and agreed target companies and then Resume or CV submission there will be regular communication and updates to successful applicants.

Mahasolutions also help in pre-interview preparation then Interview takes place.

Mahasolutions take feedback from clients about candidates performance

Mahasolutions offer, negotiation and placement to successful candidates.

Mahasolutions take care of candidates departure to required destination along with joining formalities and ensure selected candidate fulfills the terms and conditions set by employer.

Clinical and Non Clinical

Hospitality is one of the world's fastest growing industry. Today tourism is the single largest industry in the world employing over 150 million people globally. One out of ten people in the world are employed by this industry. The industry is growing at a healthy rate of 5% annually. With the onset of globalization the hospitality industry in India is witnessing a burgeoning growth with the demand for more rooms growing every year throwing open ample opportunities for employment.

Mahasolutions has foreseen this opportunity and has utilized it to the fullest. We at Mahasolutions have achieved excellence in client satisfaction, we believe in delivering the niche requirements of the clients.

We take care of each and every necessity of our client and make it a point to fulfill all the requirements, and also to assist the clients in whichever manner possible.Mahasolutions is more of a business partner than a vendor, partly because we use the most advanced technology possible for the delivery of our staffing support services, which ultimately makes it easier for them to achieve their own objectives. It is the outstanding job performance of our employees that has helped to build our reputation as a quality staffing company.

Medical Recruitment

Healthcare and medical products and services are a vital part of the world economy. Businesses involved in the sector range from individual medical practitioners and consultants to huge pharmaceutical companies. The sector includes medical and healthcare services and healthcare products such as medicines and medical devices. Health-care sector provides a large employment growth rate as compared to other sectors. Its fast growth rate has opened tremendous opportunities for very specialized positions in the Health Care sector. We at Mahasolutions believe in creating a difference in the service which we provide to our clients and candidates. We at Mahasolutions work very closely with the Clients in which we take care of the niche requirements of the clients and this has helped us earn a very high success rate in this sector. At Mahasolutions, we have a specialized team of recruiters working only for this sector, which are responsible to provide the right kind of talent to our clients across the world.

We have been recognized throughout the globe for our Commitment, Dedication and Efficiency and this has helped us earn a very high reputation in the Health Care sector.


Mahasolutions specialize in tailoring career pathways to suit individual profiles within the constraints that may prevail in each case - these may be educational, financial or personal.

Our Career Advisors abide by a strict code of ethics and a set of values that are not merely etched in stone but are woven into the very fabric of the organization.

Technical and Labour

Mahasolutions have built strong relationships with local and regional industries; from local manufacturers to high- tech companies, agriculture and many more. Our clients enjoy a high level of service at very competitive rates. Our team of recruitment specialists have also built a large database of skilled and unskilled candidates - from manual labourers through to high end senior managers across all industries. Our selection process includes interviewing and screening, along with candidate reference checks to ensure that the right person fits the right!